Select fields components are used for collecting user provided information from a list of options.


valueobjectCurrent value of select field.null
classNamesobjectThis prop allows you to style most of the components used by this library.undefined
clearablebooleanIndicates if you can empty the select field.true
disabledbooleanIndicates if you can disable the select field.false
loadingbooleanIndicates if you want a loader to appear in the field.false
multiplebooleanIndicates if you can do a multiple selection.false
searchablebooleanIndicates if you can search the elements of the select field.false
placeholderstringPlaceholder of the select field.Select...
searchInputPlaceholderstringPlaceholder of the search input.Search...
noOptionsMessagestringMessage that appears when there are no options to display.No results found


onChangeThis callback, if present, is triggered when the select field value is modified.
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