Accordion display a list of high-level options that can expand/collapse to reveal more information.


Welcome to Actify, an open-source React Components Library designed to accelerate your React application development. Actify leverages TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Floating-UI, Framer Motion, Material Design 3, and more to provide a comprehensive set of modern and customizable UI components.

What is Actify?

Actify is an open source react component library written in Vite + React + Tailwind CSS based on Google's Material Design 3. Highly inspired by Vuetify. You can use it for write react pages.

Why Actify?

Actify is a powerful React Component Library built from the ground up to be easy to learn and rewarding to master. Our collection of UI components maintain a consistent style throughout your application with enough customization options to meet any use-case.


openarraySet which index item is open. eg. [,true] stands for the second item is open[]
multiplebooleanAllow multiple items to be expanded at the same time.undefined

Sub components

Accordion.ItemThe Accordion item root wrap
Accordion.HeaderThe Accordion item header, can use asChild api
Accordion.ContentThe Accordion item content, can use asChild api
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